New Local Food Truck

New Local Food Truck

Bringing the flavor of  St. Louis to ATX with Landro’s Pizza

Landros Pizza

In just a few minutes, a hand-made, personal pizza is ready after being cooked in the new local food
truck–Landro’s Pizza.

Jim Landro’s Pizza launched in June of 2018 and is located on North Ranch Road 620, behind the
Rock House Bar, and has quickly picked up steam among local foodies.

St. Louis-style pizza is a distinct type of pizza popular in Missouri, which now is the first of its kind
in Austin, Texas. Landro’s Pizza uses a very thin and crispy cracker-like crust made with little
yeast, which delivers the true taste and flavors of the toppings. Besides this wonder-of-a-taste
experience, his ingredients include a unique and flavorful blend of cheese and fresh and sweet
basil-infused sauce, which takes the exotic St. Louis style pizza to an even higher level.

Go give it a try, support local businesses in the Austin community.

If you’d like to know more, please visit This Link.

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